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                                                                                             Licensed API Spec 6A                                                     
About Us
Since 1971 Flanges, Incorporated has produced carbon and stainless steel flanges for the oil and gas industry. Flanges, Inc. is certified by the American Petroleum Institute to produce high-pressure flanges under API Specification 6A for wellhead and Christmas tree applications.

Flanges, Inc. uses open and close die forgings to manufacture API flanges. Mill test reports are furnished at no additional cost to the customer. Along with chemical and physical properties, test reports will contain heat treatment information, QTC size, Brinell hardness results, melt practice, tensile specimen size and Charpy V-Notch impact test results (when required).

Flanges, Inc. uses carbon, alloy and stainless steel to produce its products. Although we manufacture some special ANSI flanges, the main focus is API flanges. The product range of flanges include: ring tool joint (RTJ) and raised face flanges, weld neck (expander or reducer) flanges, threaded and blind (test or target) flangesspacer flanges for instrumentation, single and double studded adapter flanges, and CRA inlayed flanges, flanged and threaded connection, 2,000 PSI through 20,000 PSI, product service levels (PSL) 1 through 4.
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